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Small Kitchen Design

Posted by wpsatuw2 on February 24, 2009

Small Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen can be difficult: there are pots to stow away, plates and utensils to place in convenient but neat positions, and appliances to be arranged so that they make the kitchen appear rich, but not cluttered. The problem is exacerbated by small floor spaces, which are common in high rise apartments, small condominium units, or compact houses. You will need small kitchen design ideas to help you make good use of your space.

You can find small kitchen design ideas everywhere. Your favorite fashion and design magazine may have tips on how you can maximize your floor without scrimping on style. There may even be small kitchen design ideas in your neighbors’ home: all you need to do is pay your friends a visit, grab some small kitchen design ideas from their own houses, and work these small kitchen design ideas on your own home.

Small kitchen design ideas should tackle how you can make your small kitchen look bigger. Small kitchen design ideas should also deal with how you can mix and match certain colors and design styles to come up with a kitchen with a well-ordered theme. Lastly, small kitchen design ideas should be able to allow you to create a kitchen with the right blend of colors and lighting so that it is not too glaring, nor too dim to work in.

Here are a few small kitchen design ideas that you might want to use as your guide in designing your small kitchen.

Light and whiteness can make a kitchen appear wider. You might be tempted to use a menagerie of bright colors when designing your kitchen. Strong lighting and modern colors, such as white, bone, or cream, can actually make your kitchen appear wider than it really is. When choosing colors, choose no more than two or three different ones; go for lighter, brighter colors which can reflect light.

When selecting a place for your kitchen, choose a corner with windows on both sides. Natural light will make your kitchen appear wider and brighter in the day. If you can, have a small kitchen island lighted from above by white light. An island can help you save cabinet space, and can give you a wider place to work.

Hang your pots and pans. Instead of storing your copper and aluminum in cabinets, save on cabinet space by providing pots a place to hang above your kitchen island. This can give you easier access to the pots, and can make your kitchen feel cozy, warm, and homey. If you still have space in your pot hangers, you can also place your ladles, wooden spoons, and even herbs there.


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