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Mediterranean Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted by wpsatuw2 on February 24, 2009

Mediterranean Kitchen Design Ideas

A Mediterranean kitchen can be one of the most dramatic areas in your house. The whole family will truly appreciate the similar feeling of being close to tranquil shores and the warm sun. You need to know the basic materials and colors to create the perfect environment though. Here are some tips on how to design your rustic and elegant kitchen.

Choosing the Right Color

If you’re planning to have Greece’s captivating environment, blue and white are great combinations. These colors will create the soothing sense of being close to the Aegean Sea. Use lime whitewash on countertops, some parts of the floor or tabletops. Windows and doors usually have wooden borders so you may paint these blue or green. The main idea is to make a beautiful contrast with the solid light color.

If you want the African environment, stick to earth colors like brown, orange, brick red and beige. These evoke the similar feeling of being in the hot deserts of the Mediterranean. Terracotta tiles are perfect both on floors and walls. You can paint walls dark orange while giving a lighter hue to window and door borders. If you’re using beige, it is recommended to add another darker color like brown for a nice contrast.


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