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Living Room Decorating

Posted by wpsatuw2 on February 24, 2009

Living Room Decorating

Country Decorating Style – Living Room Decor

The living room is the hub of the household. It’s the place to relax after a hard days work, entertain guests, a place where the family gathers to socialize and for my big screen television!

It’s a good idea to look at various room layouts to get living room decorating ideas that can be implemented in your home.

First consider what you want to achieve. Are you wanting to simply rearrange your living room or do you plan to totally redecorate your living room, adding new living room furniture, such as, living room sofa, living room tables, living room chairs.

If you are satisfied with your living room furniture, consider giving your living room a fresh facelift. A new coat of paint can do wonders and add a whole new dimension to any room.

There are many areas than can be improved upon. Take a look at your living room blinds or curtains. Explore new ideas for your living room window treatments.

Next, what about your living room wall decor. Many times people get complacent and never really notice how outdated or just how uncomplimentary their pictures, paintings and wall accessories have become. Consider whether your pictures convey the living room decor you

are thriving to obtain. Landscapes and scenery paintings, nostalgic period prints or painting work well for practically any living room decorating theme.

Consider your flooring options. Hardwood floors are always beautiful for the living room or maybe just simply add a floral area rug with rich nature colors. Such area rugs can make a living room pop with appeal.

Redecorating your living room can turn into a very expensive project if it’s a total makeover. However, you can simply concentrate on one area at a time. Rearranging your living room furniture can have a big impact on the look and comfort of your living room. Adding a beautiful area rug can make a living room look and feel brand new.

Think about replacing your pictures one at a time. There are many local artist in your area that paint beautiful landscapes or you can purchase landscape and scenery art prints.

Get decorating, make one change at a time. You’ll be delighted in the results that come from replacing one old item with a new item.

The proper furniture, wall and floor coverings and lighting are integral components in your country home decorating plan.

Even if you’re decorating on a budget, you can achieve a cozy country decor through careful choice of home accessories.

Look for home furnishings and accessories that create both mood and comfort in your living room. Think fresh color schemes and clever furniture arrangements. Certainly this central room of the home deserves to be outstanding in both appearance and livability.

A big part in living room decorating insures the furniture in the room should make it comfortable. It should be grouped so that it highlights centers of interest, convenience and comfort.

Designing the Home Interior

When you’re ready to choose the furniture, the walls and floor coverings should be in place so that the choice of furniture will be the best out of several possibilities.

Imagine a more livable room, one with a large, soft sofa in front of a fireplace, behind it an antique wooden table filled with books, while holding a lamp at either end.

Or else, at the end of the sofa, a small table for the reading lamp and on either side a pair of comfortable chairs and ottomans.

Remember that it is always better to leave a space empty than to have it occupied by a badly placed piece of furniture. Good furniture needs space to be seen to its advantage.

If there is a large array of furniture in the living room, keep the carpet, and furniture upholstery all to one tone.

Mantel accessories may be applied to the other shelves and the tables in the living room. Keep them free from dust-collecting, trivial things, while creating a sense of style, order and cleanliness.

country living room – Living Room Decorating Essentials

The main essentials in living room decorating are a comfortable sofa, a table large enough to hold books, magazines and lamps, and at least two comfortable, upholstered chairs and a smaller table.

While at the other end or side of the room, a pair of book-cases, cabinets or a small table.

These balance the fireplace, since they are placed against the wall and have a corresponding shelf, cornice or mantel line.

You may want to add a chaise, a good-size table, another large chair, and another small table, depending on the size of your living room.

Balance is maintained by using objects in pairs a pair of vases, candlesticks, bowls, or jars. Placed at either end of the mantel, they should be higher than the intervening objects, to form a sweeping curve. Also they help to frame in the over-mantel picture or mirror.

In fitting furniture to its architectural background there are 3 things to consider

1. contour and proportion;
2. design and decorative detail;
3. color of wood.

The first two points are obviously necessary; it is in the last that the furnishing of many rooms fails. Oak and mahogany do not mix amicably; one does not set off the other because there is not sufficient contrast, nor are they closely enough akin to harmonize.

On the other hand, black ebony and yellowish burr walnut, such as is used in inlaying seaweed pattern in oak, are examples of harmony gained.


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