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Country Style Flooring Ideas

Posted by wpsatuw2 on February 24, 2009

Country Style Flooring Ideas

Country Style Decorating – Flooring Ideas

Compliment wood flooring with the use of area rugs. We generally think of such coverings as small, brightly colored rugs that adds a splash of color and pattern.

Coverings can be any size, and they come in many different shapes and colors. They can be the focal point in the room and they help in dividing a room into such areas as reading corners or sitting areas.

It often helps to bind a color scheme together, tying together different elements in the room, such as window treatments, upholstery and walls.

Before buying, decide what purpose the covering will serve in your home, have certain colors, sizes, shapes and styles in mind.

Choose An Area Rug That Most Reflects Your Lifestyle

Oriental – Have been used in homes for many years, they easily pull a room together, while anchoring any floor type.

Persian – The most common rooms to use persian rugs is the living and dining rooms, due to the comfort and elegance they will add to these rooms.

Flokati – also known as shag, is a Greek creation which imitates voluptuousness, sensuality and infinity. Flokati’s natural color is off white, but you can buy them in a variety of colors. Best of all they can be easily cleaned, just by shaking them.

Kilim – are made by people in Iran, Russia, China, and Morocco, to name only a few. They are so beautiful you may not want to put them on your floor, you may want to use them as wall hangings, bedspreads, or tablecloths.

wooven rugs Braided, rag, hooked, and woven – were first made in Early America from saved scraps of fabric, yarn, and worn-out quilts. They range in color from pastel to earth tones to primary colors. Patterns include stripes, plaids, florals and folk. These area rugs have so many

benefits including how well they will blend into any room in your home, are also a healthy choice because they are so easy to clean.

Hemp – gets better with age because it softens with use. It doesn’t wear out, it wears “in” and lasts longer than other natural fibers. Hemp is resistant to mildew and rot.


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