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Country Kitchen Decorating Style

Posted by wpsatuw2 on February 24, 2009

Country Kitchen Decorating Style

Country Decorating Style – Kitchen Decor

Today, the kitchen has become the most vital room in your home, because it is here we practice the culinary arts, receive good friends, have warm things in the oven for our children when they come home from school, or where we meet our husbands after the work day is finished.

Little touches can make a huge impact, such things as:

1. a pot of flowers on the window-sill baskets filled with fruits or vegetables
2. window box filled with herbs
3. braided, hooked or rag rugs
4. copper pots cookbooks
5. pottery and vases
6. checked gingham curtans

These simple additions add charm and cheerfulness to your room setting.

Kitchen Floors Lighting

kitchens Lighting is very important. You will want a close to the ceiling light fixture, which will provide you with background lighting also known as general lighting, but you will need more than overhead lighting, or you will be working in your own shadow and trust me that is an unneccessary pain.

Track lighting is essential, because it focuses on a specific spot, and due to their small size and high light output, compact fluorescent bulbs and halogen track light work well for task lighting.

The most beautiful floors are made of stone, brick, tile, or wood. While the easiest to clean is a real tile floor. Dirt wont show up as easily on tile floors. Hardwood floors such as pine, maple or oak work well and clean easily. Butcher block and natural finish solid wood tables are a perfect addition to the country theme

Kitchen Cabinets, Shelves and Racks

One of the least expensive ways to display your treasures is to build shelves all around your ceiling wall. It is a little difficult to dust-but a little dust wont hurt anything it just adds to the old look. Wrought iron pot racks add just the perfect rustic touch.

Cabinets with glass cabinet doors are wonderful for displaying collectibles.

Much attention should be given to your kitchen cabinets or addition of a pantry. The kitchen is one of the most valued rooms in your home. Not only for comfort and conviencence of the dwellers but to the prospect buyer should you ever decide to sell your home.

Country window treatments can range from blinds to shades or curtains. A narrow wood blind is a practical and decorative choice that will also add charm to a window.

Gathered on a decorative rod, curtains that pick up your accent colors will give your window a finished country decor look.


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