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Country Dining Room Decorating

Posted by wpsatuw2 on February 24, 2009

Country Dining Room Decorating

Country Decorating Ideas – Dining Room Decor

In today’s households the dining room is probably the least used room in the home. Especially so if you have teenagers. Many times teens will just grab something to eat and head out to ball practice or some other activity.

More and more families are on different schedules and find it hard to devote a specified time to sit down at the dining room table and enjoy a meal and the company of family members.

Many homes today have a formal dining room that gets used only on special occasions, such as, holidays and for entertaining the occasional guest.

A dining room doesn’t have to look and feel formal and even more seem stuffy. A more desirable dining room is inviting in it’s own charm and comfort. A gorgeous wooden table with comfortable seating with table linen and placemats which are bright and cheerful, accented with a beautiful flower arrangement or bowl of fruit will be an open invitation for the family to gather for meals and enjoy each others company.

Accompany this with an antique china cabinet containing your family heirlooms, colorful landscaped art works, an area rug decorated with small figures, thus formal begins to be replaced by comfort and appeal.

A properly designed dining room needs the same consideration as the decor in any other room in your home. Simply a table and some chairs isn’t very enticing for a family to gather together.

Take note that your table settings are bright, cheerful and attractive. Ornaments should include cupboards, possibly some small cabinets, china, pottery, proper art work, all accented by a delicate designed area or oriental rug.

Bring your dining room into harmony with the flow of decor throughout your home. And just maybe, you and your family will be drawn to dine together as a family.

In the hustle bustle lifestyles today, the lost act of dining together is a missed opportunity for family members to bond and stay abreast of each others concerns and activities.

Country Decorating IdeasDining Room Decor


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