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Bedroom design ideas

Posted by wpsatuw2 on February 15, 2009

Bedroom design ideas

Bedroom interior design ideas for teenagers

Finding bedroom design ideas to please the often fickle and fleeting tastes of teenagers and tweens can be a challenge, so it is important to come up with ideas that are fun, fresh and easy to change.

Wipe the bedroom clean

Before beginning a redesign your bedroom, clear out any old colors and themes, if possible. Take everything out, leaving only the essentials: the bed, dressers, etc. Move everything else into a secondary location. This will allow you an opportunity to better visualize what to do with the space.

Get Teenage Bedroom Design Ideas from Various Avenues

Flip through magazines for articles with ideas on decorating a unique bedroom space. You can also check out bedroom interior design publications for ideas as well. Make a clip book of pictures, which should include:

Colors galore, including any specialty paints (faux metallics come to mind here)
Artwork ideas you either want to incorporate or mimic
Cool bedding

Funky furniture

This will give you an idea of what you want your bedroom to look like and how different elements will come together to create an incredible space. Figuring out what you are looking for before you begin will let you see how realistic your ideas are and what is needed — in both time and resources — before you actually start work.

Consider Wall Treatments Before Décor

Good teenage bedroom design ideas begin with the walls. Decide on what kind of wall treatment would work best for your fabulous new décor. Some ideas include:


There is a variety of cool designs in wallpaper and many manufacturers have created products that appeal to a teen market. Obsessed with music? Try wallpaper emblazoned with guitars. An avid shoe shopper? There are some fabulous wallpapers with sexy, stylish shoes. The best concept about wallpaper is its versatility. There are enough patterns and designs to suit just about any bedroom theme. However, while it is relatively easy to put up, wallpaper can be tricky to take down. Moreover, remember, if you do not want to commit to an entire room, try a wallpaper mural with a matching paint color as a background.

Painting your bedroom

You cannot go wrong with paint. It is easy to change. You can find a color to match just about bedroom scheme. In addition, you can easily paint over colors that you want changed. Remember, the darker the color, the more difficult it will be to paint over it. Color is no longer the only consideration when choosing paint. For something extra, try a paint that has a faux texture design or shimmers and shines.


This is a sophisticated way to add warmth and pizazz to your walls. Silk is one of the more popular options, as is cotton. A lightweight fabric works best when decorating walls. Fabric is a good option if you are looking to cover up damaged walls.

Have Fun With Bedroom Furniture

If you are replacing all of your furniture, choose new pieces carefully. The best furniture for teenage bedrooms are pieces that transition well and have multiple functions, such as bed frames with drawers or a desk that has an attachable shelving area. Choose neutral colors so that your furniture will not look out of place every time you change your room décor. Heavy woods are most durable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Similar to your wardrobe, purchase solid basic furniture pieces and then jazz them up with accessories.

Great Bedroom Design Depends on Accessories

This is where you get to have all of the fun. Funky accessories are what make a teenage bedroom design look cool and inspire awe among friends. Bright throw pillows, lamps with dangling jewels, plaques with funny sayings and interesting picture frames all add style to a bedroom. Bedding is also a fun way to spice up a bedroom because there are so many designs and patterns from which to choose.

Teenagers Love a Good Theme

Here are two fun themes, popular among teenagers:

Sporty Spice: Usually found in a boy’s bedroom, cool ideas to create a sports-themed room include:
A “ball” style lamp, which is found at many major home interior retailers. A lamp that sits atop a basketball, baseball or football is unique and a great visual addition to a teenage bedroom done in a sports theme.
A sports-themed border around the baseboards of the room with a bold hued paint
An indoor basketball goal, located either on the back of the door or freestanding, for extra practice purposes.
Install a lightly-colored hardwood floor, meant to resemble a basketball court
Flower Garden: For a girl’s room, beautiful ideas to create a perfect garden right inside of your bedroom include:
Floral-themed wallpaper with green borders around the baseboards
A container garden just outside of each window with bright, easy-care flowers
Standing flower picture frames
Large arrangements of silk flowers around the room
Silk strands of ivory running along door frames in the bedroom
Fabulous teenage bedroom design ideas come to fruition with a little thought and creativity. Just remember to have a parent(s) help and try not to do anything that will be permanent. Teenagers change their minds often — and no one likes to be stuck in a room with a design they do not enjoy.

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